Welcome to the sport of Radio Sailing

          Radio sailing is a popular exciting sport in New Zealand and their are several classes of yachts
you can choose to sail as well as many Sailing Clubs you can choose to join.

The NZRYA have affiliated Class Associations for these different classes of RC yachts




The RG65 is our entry level class which offers great competitive racing and is great little yacht to learn the art of sailing.The history of the class spans over 50 years, started in Argentina in the 1950.s
The RG65 class is defined by a very simple set of limits on basic dimensions and characteristics. It’s a monohull that is 65 cm long with arig no higher than 110 cm and carrying a maximum of 2250 square cm of sail area.
You have two radio channels and three rigs of different sizes to cope with varying winds.


Mini 40

The Mini 40 class is for the multi-hull sailor and can be either a catamaran or a trimaran as long as the hulls do not exceed 1220 mm in length and 1220 mm in the beam. The sail area is not to exceed 0.9 square metres. Many of this class are fitted with foils similar to the present America Cup yachts of today. 

IOM International One Meter


 Our most popular class sailed in New Zealand and raced in over 30 countries.. The IOM is very lively and fun to sail. The hull cannot exceed 1000 mm in length and the complete boat ready to sail must exceed 4000 gms. Two channel radio equipment is required, one operates the winch the other the rudder.
The class was created in 1988 by Jan Dejmo aided by Graham Bantock and the Technical Committee of the IMYRU (predecessor of IRSA). It has continued to grow steadily since its creation.

RM Radio Marblehead

The modern ‘M’ class yacht is a ‘high-tech’ racer, sporting up to 6 measured rigs with trends of profiled rotating masts, unstayed carbon rigs, pocket luff mainsails, pre-preg carbon hulls and fins offering a wide scope for design freedom. At only 1290 mm in overall length, the restricted development class rules allow both the professional or amateur designer/builder/sailmaker an attractive avenue to test their knowledge and skills in one of the most exhilarating radio yacht classes in the world.

J Class Canterbury J


The Canterbury J is a project that lets existing or newcomers to the sport of radio sailing, get started quickly with a good handling model yacht that is easy to build and cost effective. Additionally it has ease of transport and a good resale potential. The Canterbury J is a 1.22 metre (48″) yacht with a main and foresail rigged to a 1.6 metre aluminium mast. 270 hulls have been sold and they are to be found in all areas of New Zealand and some as far afield as the USA, Canada and the UK. It is a one-design yacht and all hulls come from official molds approved by the Canterbury J Association. Each hull has an identification number molded into the hull.


EC12 East Coast 12 Metre


Approximately 5 feet long, with a mast standing about six feet over the deck, the EC-12  weighs in at about twenty-three pounds.
Originally a towing tank model for a Charlie Morgan twelve meter, the EC-12 can be transported in all but the smallest of cars, sailed in shallow waters, and in winds from mere zephyrs to light gales. The hull is shaped so as to shed dead leaves and other flotsam and jetsam, an important feature when sailing on inland lakes.
Fiberglass hulls are made from an international mould, and must be purchased from the Owners Association. Construction materials and dimensions are also restricted, sail dimensions are controlled, and radio functions are limited to three – rudder, main sheet, and jib twitcher.


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