RM Mablehead Nationals

New Zealand MarbleHead National Championships 16th & 17th November 2013 Change of Venue Notice This is to advise all skippers intending on competing in the New Zealand Marblehead National Championships at Wattle farm that there is a change of venue.

Where did IOM’s come from ?

Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_One_Metre_(radiosailing) Aussie Archives http://www.radiosailing.org.au/our%20past/iom/main.htm Seahorse Article http://onemetre.net/othertopics/IOMcomparisons/SeahorseArticle.pdf History Of The IOM Class Rules” on the IOMICA home page “http://www.iomclass.org/doc-files/Technical/IOM%20CR%20history/IOM%20CR_history_231110.pdf

Waihi Photos

Hi just a few pics from Sunday to be shared. More on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wattle-Farm-Radio-Control-Racing/167704273332437?sk=photos_albums Thanks Bryce 13th October 2013 Photos Lauching of Kauri at Waihii 13th October 2013 Time Lapse Video of 2013 Waihi Festi at Lake Gilmour 13th October 2013

IOM North Islands Northland Champs

Final Results thanks Des Day One Results thanks Des Racing Day Two – today – Sunday 13th Oct 2013 Again they wake to a 15knot breeze in the Winterless North http://www.kerikeriweather.co.nz/wxwinddetail.php Have fun everyone Sent any photos to; webmaster@nzradioyachtingassociation.co.nz thanks