RO’s Report

A blustery but mostly fine day with 7 sailors braving what was supposed to be heavy rain and ended up starting in brilliant sunshine with top of C rig conditions to test the boats. With the weather swirling quite a bit a course was set to allow for some long beats and at least broad reaching, but when the wind started flicking 1 of the gate marks was adjusted to force the sailors to use both sides of the gate and once this was realized it made a large difference to the decision making process. Generally a very happy bunch with the new control area limits being tested and the main result of this seemed to be getting the sailors talking to each other as to what they were planning on doing at the next point on the course, so apart for a few general recalls and a few jump starters a good day was had. Congratulations to Paul and Carl for the close racing over the day.

RO Richard M

Prior to the start of the event Grant Lane set out some of the new guidelines for control areas and sailing limits to allow for both good racing and the differing abilities of every sailor there, and as a result our control area was approx 100m long with the course length being approx 200m between the top spreader marks and the bottom gate.

Due to the vagaries of the wind we were left with a slanted course which made for long beats with only short offsetting tacks to make marks, but with the breeze firmly in the C range and everyone having to sail the same conditions, there were only a few minor grumbles which although mainly weather related were readily understood that there wasn’t much that could be done about it and everybody seemed to accept this.

A slight course adjustment early in the day took a while for the sailors to notice with the leeward gate having to be “cranked” slightly to encourage the use of both sides, and once they figured this out there were less near misses and a more cohesive approach to their views on where to go next on the course and opened up a lot of options when the shifts arrived.

6 races were run in the morning in the lighter of the breeze with a further 10 being run after lunch to allow 3 drops for the day, with the speed of the races being an indication of the wind, in the first hour after lunch we ran 6 of those races with about 15 minutes allocated for running repairs to some boats as needed.

Paul Goddard and Carl Smith had a good tussle with only 5 points seperating them after the 16 races

With thanks
Richard M
TgaRSC Webmaster / Secretary / Treasurer