RM Challenge Series Round 2

Sunday 26th February Hamilton Lake.

Race Officer Report

We were greeted with light winds from the North West with the heat rising fast, and it was decided that an Olympic course would be sailed.  Racing began at 10.45am and by lunch time 6 races had been sailed.  Twelve boats took part, and it was good to see the high standard of presentation, particularly innovations with the various swing rigs.

A short lunch was had as the aim was to sail 14 races. The wind lifted slightly and at times was mid A rig, this allowed for some back to back races to be completed.  It was interesting to see how the different designs handled the course with some showing a definite edge in acceleration in the light puffs.

Congratulations goes to Grant Nixon who was sailing a Lincoln McDowell F – 4 that was only a few days old.  With 8 wins out of 14 it was a commanding performance.  Grant Lane was 2nd, Paul Goddard 3rd

Sailing was completed by 3.30pm

All protests were sorted on the water with Skippers fulfilling their penalties quickly which added to a good sailing atmosphere.    A special thanks to Neil Wood, Peter Pollard who worked hard throughout the day with scoring duties and buoy placements. Also, thank you to Graham Bowen for collating the scores.

Hamilton Lake continues to be a great venue that tests all that sail and it is good to see a solid number of Marblehead’s  competing  which bodes well for the future of the  class.

Mark Jenkins