Congratulations to Roy on an excellent performance sailing his new boat in the Rijeka Regatta.  Below are some comments and photos from the regatta supplied by Roy;

The forecast was correct, extremely light winds to the extent that over ½ the races were abandoned at some point. Nevertheless it was a very enjoyable two days run in a very friendly and co-operative way. The Race Officer took it upon himself to blow up races well before the time limit when it was obvious nothing was going to happen or when it was building from the opposite direction to the point that it would be unfair to those who had done the work to start off with. I can only remember one race where he may have got it wrong so no one really complained, even the Italian who was leading when the wrong decision was made.

 It was a joy to sail with a select group of sailors who have consistently been in the top of the fleet in World and European Championships and where on the water protests were carried out in a friendly and almost light hearted fashion.

 As for my sailing it was a matter of getting to know the boat. On Saturday I had zero speed down wind, and although I would get to the first mark in to first 3 or 4 I was at the back by the second mark. On Sunday sorted out the downwind issues but lost some upwind performance and and just set what I thought would be the ideal setup when the event was blown up.

  I have attached some photos taken by Dale and the link to the official photos by Dean Miculinić is