I have just spent a really wet Saturday in Auckland at the IOM monthly fundraiser for Ian and Phil who are off to the IOM Worlds next week. If it had been any other Saturday considering the inclement weather it probably would have been called off, why it was not is testament to the support from their fellow IOM sailors .

We have all received an email from John O Brien (the NZRYA Sec) asking for financial support for Ian and Phil which I support 100%,

As a regular club sailor I am always competing against Ian’s designs and the standard of my sailing and many others in NZ no doubt has got better because of it. I have noticed at our club a good beginners boat is either a V5 or V6 and set up and sailed properly is still competitive. When I manage the odd win over a V9, V10  it somehow makes my days sailing even more enjoyable. I followed Ian’s success earlier in Australia and would like to see that continue in France. The signs are that this could be his year.

Phil Pryde is a fellow cub member at NMMS and I sail against him regularly. He is probably the ideal other person in the team as he has previously coached Ian Internationally. Phil is a likeable rogue and as Grant Lane has put it he is a “good bastard”. Phil has already hired a house for him and his partner (and Ian), he has hired a rental car for him and his partner (and Ian) expecting no recompense. I would love to be there with these guys but way out of my budget. However to support Ian and Phil I have deposited money in the ……”IOM travel Fund 12 3054 0242439 50″

I would like all radio sailors in NZ to consider supporting this team giving whatever they can afford, Just imagine what the June/July Metre monthly or the IOM Nationals in Christchurch at the end of the year will be like if they are successful. We will be able to say we made a difference. I have already registered for the worlds email link and would suggest this to be an ideal way of following Ian and Phil in Pierrelatte, France.

Thank you

Bill Bradley