Dear NZRYA Member

Please find the attached notice of Extraordinary Consideration of General Business and the final draft of our proposed new NZRYA Constitution.

Many of you will have little interest in constitutional matters but the organisation does need a sound and current set of rules. Our current constitution dates back to 1994 and is outdated in many respects.

As the notice states we have based the proposed constitution on the Yachting New Zealand document.

The other item to be considered by members is whether or not we become an incorporated society.

It is important to bear in mind the distinction between a club that is an incorporated society which is a legal entity in its own right and a club that is unincorporated. An incorporated society can be sued in its own name. A club that is unincorporated is generally just a group of people who can individually be liable for the activities of the club. For that reason incorporation is an important and sensible step for any organised club to take.

Voting for the two matters can be completed online HERE

Alternatively you can print, complete, scan and email your voting paper to, or you can post to the NZRYA secretary at 97A Seaview Road, Remuera, Auckland 1050.

We are sending this notice to every member email address we have. Inevitably there will be some addresses that have changed or missing. Please discuss this matter with your your fellow sailors and encourage everyone to go to the website and vote – it is important for the future of our organisation.

Voting closes on the 31st August 2017

Thank you and kind regards

Paul Goddard

Chairman – NZRYA Council

HERE is a copy of the proposed new NZRYA Constitution         HERE is the online Notice and Ballot Form