Discussion Document re:

Hosting the 2021 World IOM Championships in NZ.

Background: This is a “discussion document” directed to all RC sailors and NZRYA members, with the aim of establishing the mood, feel and viability of a possible application by NZRYA to IOMICA to host the 2021 IOM Worlds at a time around the Americas Cup defence here in NZ. Please note the views and positions are not those of NZRYA but just mine as a precursor to stimulate thought, discussion and to initiate a possible position from which NZRYA can adopt a view.

Scope:  A world Championships here in 2021 held around the Americas Cup match timing would be a great catalyst for many to come down to NZ, many who may other wise not make the extra time and money available to attend a far-off regatta, so from that I am making an assumption that we would see a full entry list of 78 competitors.

The regatta proper would run over an 10 day period, with racing scheduled on at least 6 of those days, this sort of event needs 2 days open to measure and complete admin matters etc. I tell you this to help get a feel of the man power and time required just to run the regatta,

Costs: I have said costs as there is no full budget as such done at this point. Consider this, we would be required to provide at least 6 international judges, including travel and accommodation, we would need to a race committee of say 4 plus an admin team of say 6. Including on water people and boats, we would need admin facilities like a club house and a suitable venue for lunches, briefings etc in all weather, this could be a marquee, we would need to provide lunches for say 100 people every day and run at least 3 social functions for say 120 people.

Money: There is no set entry fee as such, but an accepted level of cost, last worlds was 415 Euro (about $600 NZ) we would assume we could expect a similar amount say ($500 us) $650.00 NZ that would give us around $50,000.00. this would be used to help cover the costs listed above, but the regatta would need more than an entry fee to cover costs.

Pros and Cons:

  • A successful IOM world champs around Americas Cup time would really profile our sport.
  • It could bring our sport together in a very positive way, as we could do an all classes run up regatta, maybe a year in advance and prior
  • It could act as a spring board for many NZRYA sailors to get into more international competitions
  • We could use our people and skills from all RC classes, tightening our RC community, rising our collective skill levels, with a common goal.
  • We can do it “our way”, we don’t need a glamour event (nor a basic event), we have a lot of really skilled and clever people in our clubs who are both willing and able.
  • It could cost us money we don’t have !!
  • We are unable to raise the funds we would need
  • We could see only a few people doing all the work
  • We may not get the entries we expect
  • We don’t pull together as a community with a common goal.

Summary:  We have time to consider this and time to talk it through. We have done this event before in Wellington and our Australian friends have done it as well. With the Americas Cup on, there will be huge interest from all around the world.  Sailing of any sort will be front and centre, and lots and lots of people will be looking for a reason to come here. If we are clever, use our people and skills wisely, embellish the whole RC community in an inclusive way, then I for one believe we can hold and run this regatta successfully. We will need a budget of around 120K plus?

From this I invite you all to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on our members forum site. Pending support, we would look to form a steering committee to seriously explore all the options, issues and logistics.

Can we keep this moving Chaps please, lets start talking NOW.

 Philip Pryde


021 934080