For those of you that are into high speed foil sailing Ian Holt (Perth Mini 40 man) and boat builder David Burke in Perth Australia have teamed up and have just the answer for you. A new 1.0 meter foiling tri that fits in your car and yes this one really does work, you can use modified 1.0 m rigs. The first boat has just hit the water in Northland and a second boat in Nelson will be sailing soon. In addition there are two more home grown designs in build in Auckland and only a few months away from hitting the water.  The Ian Holt 1.0m box boat still fits inside the Mini 40 rule and is just as fast, lower cost, easy to transport and all the hard work is done for you. If you are interested in acquiring a boat please email Ian direct . If there is enough local interest then we hope to see a few boats racing soon.

Scroll the pdf below down (20 pages)