The first posting of the IOM National results contained an error in 3rd and 4th place which was mine, it is now corrected. My apologies to all, Leon.


Venue, Lake Rua Christchurch – Friday October 6th – Sunday October 8th

Host Club, Christchurch Model Yacht Club Inc.

The forecast leading upto the regatta was ominous for all 3 days of competition with predictions of rain varying from light drizzle to steady rain combined with strong gusts. However Friday being Day 1 was completely the opposite of this in that the day started with a very gentle breeze (lower/mid “A” rig) sunshine and some warmth. The scoring system employed was HMS 2016 V3 and this allowed the Race Officers to decide on a 3 or 2 heat race and the decision was made to go with 2 heats.  A course had been set consisting of a line of 4 top marks designated mark numbers 4 – 1 with port roundings, initially around mark numbers 1 & 2 these were then followed by a “gate” and the course was repeated for 2 complete laps. At one stage the call was made after a shift in wind direction that mark number one needed to be repositioned and this was done by the Race Officers team. Sailing had commenced at virtually the scheduled time of 11am and a break was called for at approximately 12.45pm for lunch. A decision to cease sailing was made at 3.45pm by which time 5 completed races had been sailed.

Day 2 and the weather gods decided enough was enough and the day started and continued with steady drizzle to light rain all day made worse by a total lack of wind resulting in a delay to racing of approximately 1.5hrs until 11.15am by which time a breeze had to some degree started to settle into a consistent direction and building in strength. As the day progressed I think most competitors were happy as to their individual performances with some possibly regretting some of their on the water decisions/choices but with others profiting nicely from theirs. Again a lunch break was called at approximately 1pm and it was very noticeable that most competitors were very happy to be able to shelter in the clubs on site container/storage shed plus in the 2 others very generously loaned to us to be able to offer secure overnight storage..a welcome relief from standing in the drizzle! The decision was made by the Race Committee to suspend sailing at approximately 3.45pm by which time a further 6 complete races had been sailed.

Day 3 dawned to a very much heavier day of rain and MUCH stronger winds continuing to arrive on the course from a NE – E direction which actually made setting a true course difficult given the venue. However one was set and after some tweaking to the gate and start line from the previous day we were able to get underway virtually on time. Several boats withdrew for a number of reasons leaving 29 of the starting line up of 36 left. It was decided due to the increasingly inclement weather that a further 5 completed races would be held by which time there would have been 16 races completed allowing through HMS 2016 3 discard races. This was achieved by 12.15pm and racing ceased for the day and the Regatta. Lunch was then taken and prize giving followed, all competitors received a well earned Certificate of Participation and the 3 top competitors were presented medals and trophies respectively. Congratulations to Ian Vickers 1st place with 21 points, to Sean Wallis (Aust) 2nd place with 68 points, to Graham Cross 3rd place with 70 points. All very well deserved placings in what would have been a difficult regatta to sail in so well done. Thankyou to the team from the Christchurch Model Yacht Club Inc. who did not hesitate to turn up and assist in all ways.




A small report from Graham Roberts

Thursday 5th

Christchurch woke to drizzle but it soon cleared.  There were some reports of high winds at the lake for a while last night. I spent the morning at the Antarctica centre, a fantastic place if you have 3 hours.

I arrived just before 1pm at the lake and weighted in, in the back of the container / club house. I’ve been fiddling the last few days and had to find a few coins in the van ash tray.

On the water and again the conditions where challenging. Huge varying shifts where the rich got richer and the poor were bankrupt…

As the afternoon progressed the fleet grew, the wind increased and the temperature dropped to freezing.

Some might have come close to working out the wind shift pattern but I think flipping a coin would have had the same chances.

Briefing 10.45am tomorrow and let’s see what happens on Day One…

Christchurch turned on the most perfect day.  3 knot breezes from the North East.  Sun hats and Shorts.  No hats with hanging corks required as our lakes are fly free 😉


Friday 6th

9am and the lake was full of practicing yachts on the laid out course.

10.50am greeting and briefing and course which was 2 lap’ers and a few rules clarified.

First the two seeding races in the North Easter.  It was unstable direction however a breeze remained blowing the entire races.  Local boy Paddy won the 1st seeding & Ian the 2nd.

Officials quickly arranged the two fleets of 20 boat (4 up & down) and racing got underway.  After a couple of races, a lunch break was called.  But racing soon got underway again.

With the extreme shifts the top placings kept changing all afternoon except for Ian who managed to read the conditions perfectly.

A fun racing with great company and a well-run event so far 😃

Now here comes two days of rain per weather forecaster.  Poor officials… Sorry