On the 3rd October 2017 your present Council called for the nomination of financial members wishing to stand for the incoming 2018 Council.

Paul Goddard and Antony Sission where not standing for re election.

At the close of nominations on the 31st October 2017 nominations for Darryl McManus (TRSC) and Alan Wymer (GHRYC) had been received.
With no further nominations received and under the terms of the constitution a ballot will not be required.

The incoming Council for the 2018 year will be:
John O’Brien NMMS
Leon Blewett  CJCOA
Philp Pryde   NMMS
Graham Clough  GHRYC
Darryl McManus  TRSC
Alan Wymer  GHRYC

A great big thank you to the two outgoing Council members Paul and Antony for their enormous contributions to Council and the sport of radio sailing over the past years.

Also a warm welcome and congratulations to Darryl and Alan on their appointments. Thanks goes to John, Leon, Philip and Graham for their continued effort and support in
making themselves available for re election.