Sears Rose Bowl 2017
Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club

The day started off very light, and from the SSE, but by the time we had briefing at 9.45am the breeze had swung into the NNE.

We kicked off the first race with seven boats, and sailed keeping top marks to port, and a gate at the bottom, two laps. The layout of the course put the boats in the centre of the lake for the start of the run which opened up passing opportunities downwind, and the gate was working on both sides depending on the breeze. All told, the breeze couldn’t have been better, light to medium A rig, straight up and down Regency Lake.

We did nine races, then had a break for lunch at 11.45. Before the racing resumed, we adjusted the start line, and run seven more races to get to Sixteen for day with three discards.

I would like to thank Alan Wymer and Mike McLachlan (before lunch) for assisting with the running of the racing, Alan also did a bang up job of the BBQ lunch.

Congratulations to Grant Nixon on winning the Sears Rose Bowl by virtue of his solid 2nd place on the water behind Karl Stachel 1st and ahead of Graham Clough 3rd.

It was great to see Ken Bassett out in his Starkers, well done!

The behaviour was good, with penalties being completed without drama, and very few incidents requiring them. Thanks to the sailors for a great humoured days sailing that wrapped up at 1.30pm.

Stephen Champion

Race Officer