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All Affiliated Club and Association Secretaries.                                               30th November 2017      

All NZRYA Members

Annual Consideration of General Business (ACGB) 2017

Please find below the Ballot paper for the NZRYA ACGB.  Also below are the annual financial reports, the NZRYA officers reports.


Executive Council Reports

NZRYA Chairman Update

Paul Goddard
24th November 2017

Dear Sailors,

It is that time of the year again where we need to present you with the Annual Consideration of business, financial and updated reports on your organisation. As the 2017 year heads to a close it is pleasing to see that several milestones have been achieved.

With the help of our senior member Roy Granich and with the continued support from the NZRYA secretary your organisation now has a new Constitution that has moved with the times and reflects the modern era that we live in.

In February of this year for the first time a team of six Kiwis travelled across the ditch to Sydney with Ian Vickers winning the Australian 1.0m Nationals against some stiff competition. This was followed by Ian and Phil Pryde then travelling to France in May to compete in the world 1.0 m champs with Ian finishing a credible 6th  and Phil placed 44th I am sure that you all enjoyed reading Phil colourful daily reports.

It was good to see that both the South Island 1.0m champs and the NZ 1.0 Nationals in the South Island were well supported and that the 1.0m class is attracting good size fleets in most contests.

It has been pleasing to see the formation of the Otago Radio Sailing club in the deep-south and its recent affiliation to the NZRYA and I look forward to meeting our new members soon.

As per the treasures report the NZRYA remains in a strong and stable financial position looking forward the NZRYA council are discussing ways in which these funds can be used to better support and grow radio yachting in NZ.

With so much sailing activity in the International classes the racing calendar has been a challenge to organise and to juggle the events between dates and clubs and I would like to thank all of the hosting clubs and their members that worked with our racing secretary and the NZRYA to make these events as enjoyable and smooth running as possible. After almost 5 years of organising the racing calendar on behalf of all members I would like to say a big thank you to Antony Sisson who is retiring from the NZRYA at the end of this year. 

The Canterbury J fleet continues to grow with more of these boats finding their way north into the Tauranga/Waihi region and I understand that some good old inter island North/South rivalry has taken place at recent events.

It is encouraging to see that the Laser RC class is growing in both the South and North Islands this class offers a low cost one design option that is simple to transport, rig and sail. NZ had two skippers compete in the recent worlds in Brisbane finishing 6th and 29th respectively. Although not an NZRYA affiliated class I think we will see this class continue to grow.

Your new NZRYA committee will be meeting and will soon advise as to who will be doing what roles, please keep in mind that these guys are all volunteers and in many cases have busy lives and give up their spare time to run your organisation so please give the support that is required.

I would like to say a special thanks to Ken Allcott our volunteer webmaster who has done a great job in keeping all of us informed on local and global updates in the world of Radio Yachting, Ken is taking a well-earned break from this role.

After 3 years in the role of Chairman and after 8 months of no competitive sailing I am stepping aside taking a break from Radio Yachting, I would like to thank all of the previous NZRYA committee and its members for their support and wish the new committee and all the members the best for the future.

“Enjoy Your Sailing”

Kind Regards

Paul Goddard


NZRYA Treasurer’s Update
Leon Blewett
9th November 2017

It seems to have been a pretty good year and the accounts have been easy to keep on top of, Graham Clough and myself got down to a weekly routine to cover off deposits and registrations etc, and a big thanks to him for the help that has enabled the correct recording of incoming transactions.

Ken Allcott has also been very busy with us in the area of records and their maintenance and what he has accomplished can only make things easier in the future, particularly at subscription time.

The laptop and software have given no problems, we have established routines and have continuity with reporting to council, the reports relatively simple and quick to do. A couple of small changes were made during the year, one with the bank which gives us a bit of flexibility and more information and two, internally, which has made the recording of transactions easier, quicker and avoids a duplicated effort.

The majority of subscription payments were made in August and September this year and, coupled with less expenditure and some generous underwriting of some of our costs has left us nicely ahead of 30th September last year.

On behalf of council, thank you to those involved with collecting the subscriptions, updating the membership & contact lists and returning them, those two lists returned to us are our lifeline.

Kendons accounting came to our rescue in a very generous way this year with the preparation and review of our accounts, a big thanks to them for doing so, they have also made themselves available for some future advice.

Christchurch Community Accounting who did our work last year, had about a 12 week lead time for completion of any work and that did not suite our requirements.

Sailing in Christchurch continues to be strong with the Christchurch Model Yacht Club Inc. having around 90 members. Saturday’s racing continues to attract numbers in the 20’s and Wednesdays casual sailing can see anywhere from 20 through to 30 plus. The club hosted the National IOM Championship this year.

The Christchurch based Canterbury J Class Owners Association Inc. continues to grow at a very healthy rate, boats sold are now well into the 300’s and membership is now at record levels and the fairly relaxed sailing program carries on. Growth in the North Island continues steadily and saw the North Island Championship take place at Tauranga with first name rights on a new trophy at stake this year.

Leon Blewett,



Financial Statements

New Zealand Radio Yachting Association
For the Year Ended 30 September 2017

Nomination for Life Membership to the NZRYA.

“The Council of the NZRYA  would like to recognise Roy Granich’s tremendous contribution to New Zealand radio sailing by nominating him as a life member of the NZRYA.

Roy has been involved in the sport since the mid 1990’s and has been a major contributor to the administration of the sport on many levels.

He has been secretary and treasurer of the NMMS, registrar and chairman of the NZRYA. Roy performed all roles on the NZRYA and kept the organisation running when council volunteers could not be found.

Was elected as the Racing Chairman of the ISAF-RSD and IRSA for 3 terms and in that role helped with rewriting of Appendix E and the initial drafting of the Radio Sailing Case Books as well as various other documents

More recently he has given the NZRYA great assistance with the writing of the new NZRYA constitution, and he has helped refine the SHRS race Management Systems and produced a supporting computer programme.

And of course he is a highly accomplished sailor.  His contribution has been exceptional”

ACGB Ballot Return

Ballot Paper:
New Zealand Radio Yachting Association
Annual Consideration of General Business – 2017

Subscriptions, Fees, Levies and Life Membership Nomination:

[Please select For or Against for each of the following items]:

The proposed Subscriptions and levies for the 2018/19 financial year are as follows: Each Affiliated Club and each affiliated member shall have one vote.

Cast your vote here…

a. Approval to confirm Mr Roy Granich as a life time member of the NZRYA.
b. Club & Class Association Fees: $25.00 PA*
c. Personal Membership: $10.00 PA
d. New Hull Registration: $25.00
e. Change of Ownership: $25.00
f. National Number Purchase: $25 (formerly Personal Number)
g. National Number annual renewal: $5
h. Regatta Levy: $2/boat (for IOM & RM Nationals, south & North Island Champs)
Club: I hereby declare that I am a fully financial member of the Club, and of the NZRYA in the financial year beginning 1st October 2017 which covers the current voting period.*

The last day for submitting the above form is the 31st of December 2017.

John O’Brien