Hello NZRYA fellow members,

I am writing to you all as part of a commitment to ongoing communication. On behalf of the NZRYA as the new incoming chairman I am corresponding with you all to give a brief overview of what the 2018 council are thinking and planning for this year.

Firstly, though I would like to acknowledge the life membership bestowed upon our long serving and ex NZRYA president Roy Granich, Roy has over many years put countless hours into RC sailing management, last year was most instrumental in the forming the recently adopted NZRYA constitution, congratulations Roy.

The council has six officers with their own different roles of responsibility, briefly:

John O’Brien, secretary: Graham Clough, registrar: Leon Blewett, treasurer: Alan Wymer, Race Officer: Darryl McManus, Publicity:  Plus, we retain the invaluable services of our Web Master Ken Allcott each of these roles has more depth & width which forms an interwoven management structure, or matrix.

The New Council had its first full meeting last week where 26 items were tabled. The first matter  was an open discussion about the clear direction and understanding of our “strategic goal”,  as we desire to take the NZRYA into the direction of a more class driven organisation, meaning not a just controlling body that works remotely top down, but a move toward a more interactive member and “class driven” organisation providing support, (bottom up) guidance and direction for successful practical management and growth of RC Sailing in New Zealand.

The ground work for this initiative began in November last year with an open discussion with competitors at the New Zealand IOM nationals held in Christchurch. From this a IOM owners sub committee was formed to work with Alan Wymer (RO), with the view to make recommendations, plans that foster all matters for the IOM Class to NZRYA council. The IOM sub-committee members are: Ian Vickers (Akld), Basil Hart (Nelson) and Richard McManus (Tauranga). Furthermore, we have the RM class owners group doing the same, with the RM sub-committee being formed and operational, made up by: Grant Lane (Akld) and Grahame Clough (Akld), also working with our RO. Further to this, there is a well-placed J class owner’s association working now with our RO.

NZRYA council wishes to advise all clubs, class owners associations and members that we are offering representation to any existing (affiliated) or developing class, the opportunity to have direct representation via NZRYA recognised class sub-committee.

Any Radio Sailing Class in New Zealand may become affiliated to NZRYA, which is dedicated to the growth & development of both current and emerging radio sailing classes through the promotion and development of consistent class rules, measurement methods, adherence to World Sailing, Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS including APPENDIX E) with NZRYA offering active support & advice in running championship sailing events successfully within New Zealand.

In order for Class Racing or a Championship to be endorsed, it is necessary that the Class & Event is to be recognised by NZRYA which enables competitors to:

  • Compete in a recognised (registered) affiliated NZRYA Class, which in turn allows competitors to;
  • Compete under application of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) prescribed by World Sailing.
  • Be eligible to receive NZRYA National Medals & Trophies.
  • Accumulate points towards NZRYA National Championship Class Rankings system.
  • Be eligible to compete in other International, Continental & World Class, IRSA recognised events.
  • May be eligible for NZRYA support in attending International, Continental & World Class events recognised by World sailing affiliated organisations & associations.

I tell you all this, as the NZRYA is keen to foster similar class owners sub committee’s working with our RO (and whole committee) to foster the best options and opportunities for boat owners in classes that are affiliated to NZRYA. This is a flat management structure as I previously mentioned, that with time will give owners what they want and their classes a voice and self-determination. For its part the NZRYA will provide,

  1. National cohesion with all classes, including national event planner
  2. International co-operation and cohesion, especially with Australia Radio Sailing.
  3. Best practise for club management sailing events
  4. Develop Race management training programs, operation guidance and RO manuals.
  5. Promotion of Sailing Rules application and judging
  6. Fostering and development of current and new developing classes
  7. Maintaining national registrar for affiliated classes and members alike.
  8. Provide system support to existing affiliated clubs, and adoption for new clubs
  9. Fiduciary assistance for clubs, including compliance with NZ laws and authority’s.
  10. Provision for further development of the Web site. (free of charge)
  11. And More! …we have only just began

Finally, NZRYA over the past 12 months has begun to develop a close working relationship with our Australian counter parts, the ARYA have similar goals and approach, and are well down common pathways.  We are seeking to have joint participation in race management planning and development of an on-line training module for approved & recognised R.O courses. We are also working on sharing and partial syncing of some class racing calendar’s.  In summary your committee has a strong desire to forge and maintain closer relations with the ARYA, whose scale and resources are generously allowing us to both fast track areas we are deficient in and areas we seek more proficiency.

Its our intention to up date members on a more regular basis, encouraging feedback, interaction and discussion on all matters RC with a goal of happy members.

Stay tuned with updates which will become available in the NZRYA News/Update section on our website http://www.nzradioyachtingassociation.co.nz/

Philip Pryde

021 934080


Chairman NZRYA