Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Radio Club (GHRYC) started in 1996 and has evolved to become one of the most active radio controlled sailing clubs in NZ with in excess of 20 members. The International One Metre (IOM) class is the class of choice for the majority of our members today. When the club first started it was the Whitbread (Yamaha) and Seawind. Also sailed by our members are the RM, Electron, RG65 and Mini40 with other classes always welcome.

We are very fortunate to have two sailing venues:

Regency Lake on Regency Park Drive, Gulf Harbour (Freshwater, weed free 🙂 )Wind is generally steady when from the south or north, gusty if from the east or west.

Alternatively on some days we sail at nearby Hobbs Wharf at Fairway Bay Marina, Gulf Harbour (Tidal salt water) which is best when the wind is from the east or west.

We sail every week throughout the year on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 13:30 hrs with informal fun sailing and 10-15 boats regularly attending, where new members learn the necessary skills and where other members fine tune their skills.

Every Saturday from 13:00 hrs formal IOM racing is held with either scratch or handicap fleet racing or match racing, depending on the pre-planned racing program.

From time to time we also host regional and national events, as allocated by NZRYA, along with other specialty events such as the annual 6 hour race, the Grand masters regatta and some metre monthly race days.

We’re not just a sailing club, we are very social too. After every race day we’re together laughing at ourselves in our local ‘Ripples’ bar in Gulf Harbour marina for the post sailing analysis, and discussion on other important world affairs.

New members and interested spectators are always welcome and invited to try sailing one of our member’s yachts and learn to enjoy our sport with help from our friendly sailors.


A small group of friends began sailing radio-controlled yachts on Regency Lake in 1996. This lake is was formed initially as a storm water retention area during the construction of the Gulf Harbour Country Club golf course and surrounding residential area. The lake and surrounds are still owned by the Gulf Harbour Country Club and they very generously gave permission to this group to sail in their lake, which is mostly weed free.

On 29th July 1998 a group of 11 keen radio yacht sailors gathered in the home of Harold & Faye Smith with the purpose of forming what is now the Gulf Harbour Radio Yacht Club. Two of the attendees at that inaugural meeting are still active members of the club.

In 2000 the club raised funds to build a jetty on the southern side of the lake. With the help of members, sponsors and the local authorities the area around the jetty has gradually been developed and improved to today’s excellent facility.

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