Links to current NoR’s, SI and Entries :
 Date Event  NoR  SI  Entry  Entrants to date
 29th Sept  South Island IOM Championship,
  NoR  SI   Entry (online)   Entrants to date
 6th Oct  NZ National IOM Championship, Christchurch.   NoR SI   Entry (online)   Entrants to date
 4-5 November  Bay of Plenty IOM Championship  NoR & Entry  SI    
 28th October  2017 Marblehead National Championship @ Westhaven, Auckland   NoR & Entry      
 4th November  2017 IOM Bay of Plenty Championship  NoR & Entry  SI    
 25th November 2017 RM Sears Rose Bowl Regatta @ GHRYC 

 NoR & Entry
 10th December  2017 IOM Grand Masters Regatta @ GHRYC