A collection of photographs and video taken recently by members of Associated Clubs from around New Zealand.

B rig day at Kerikeri.

Metre Monthly…  thank you Ian Vickers

Wednesday sailing in Tauranga….  thank you Ken Fox

Club sailing at Kerikeri last weekend.  18/12/2016


Photo’s from the IOM Grand Masters event held at Recency Lake, Gulf Harbour, Auckland on the 10th December 2016.
(Photo’s by Ken Fox)


Another sunny day with nice south west breeze at Kerikeri


Video from the North Island /  Northland IOM Championships by Neil Deverell


Westhaven Radio Sailing promoting their Club at the NZ Trade and Enterprise Group Day.

Footage from the 2016 NZ IOM Championship held in Kerikeri last weekend.

Tauranga’s Wednesday Sailing Group.


A video from Sundays Mark Foy Cap Cam

Kerikeri Capcam,  28th August 2016


Video by Charlie Mears, thank you.


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